The BIG Renovation

See a House Built from the Ground Up!

Learn about architecture, framing, electricity, plumbing and all the tools it takes to build a house.
Watch how ceramic tiles are made and see a real sawmill in action! Even learn about termites!
Meet the architect, the contractor and see the whole team work together to create a new house!

Recommended for: KIDS 3-10 (and their parents!)
Running time: Approx 50 minutes
Format: Digitally-mastered DVD or Digital download
Dolby Digital 5.1 and Stereo Audio | Wide-Screen and Standard Video

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“Loved It!,

Loved it, my parents bought it for me when I was 6 in 2003........still remember the cloudy landing in Zurich and then they showed us…

Liam Michael - Little Mammoth Customer, on Amazon Store

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