The NEW BIG Plane Trip, the latest episode of The BIG Adventure Series® has been awarded the coveted Kids First! Endorsement.

One juror wrote – This program is exceptionally well made. It flows well, the scripting is excellent, the editing and story line are both well executed. There are lots of good visuals and the whole film is very easy for kids to understand. The youth voice over is a nice touch.

 All the information is very interesting and kids, especially those fond of aviation will learn a lot. Even adults will discover things they never knew before. Children who have never been on a plane before will really get a kick out of this and it may dispel any fears they might have.”

The NEW BIG Plane Trip is a live-action adventure that takes young audiences on a flight from Atlanta to London on Delta Air Lines. They will see the world behind the ticket, including flight attendant training, pilots in the flight simulator, the test kitchens, the giant underground baggage system and more!

The NEW BIG Plane Trip is available on iTunes, Google Play, amazon, and select retailers, including the Little Mammoth website:

The Kids First! Endorsement is given by Coalition for Quality Children’s Media, a national organization, whose mission is to teach children critical viewing skills and to increase the visibility and availability of quality children’s media.

“Loved It!,

Loved it, my parents bought it for me when I was 6 in 2003........still remember the cloudy landing in Zurich and then they showed us…

Liam Michael - Little Mammoth Customer, on Amazon Store